Black and tan
Tan \Tan\, a. Of the color of tan; yellowish-brown. [1913 Webster]

{Black and tan}. See under {Black}, a. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • Black and Tan — is a drink made from a blend of pale ale and a dark beer such as a stout or porter. Sometimes a pale lager is used instead of ale; this is more usually called a half and half. In Ireland both Stout and Ale drinkers may order a black and tan for… …   Wikipedia

  • Black and tan — Black Black (bl[a^]k), a. [OE. blak, AS. bl[ae]c; akin to Icel. blakkr dark, swarthy, Sw. bl[ a]ck ink, Dan. bl[ae]k, OHG. blach, LG. & D. blaken to burn with a black smoke. Not akin to AS. bl[=a]c, E. bleak pallid. [root]98.] 1. Destitute of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Black and Tan — 1. Usually, Black and Tans. an armed force of about 6000 soldiers sent by the British government to Ireland in June, 1920, to suppress revolutionary activity: so called from the colors of their uniform. 2. a member of this force. 3. (l.c.) a… …   Universalium

  • black-and-tan — /blak euhn tan /, adj. 1. (of a dog) of a black color with tan markings above the eyes and on the muzzle, chest, legs, feet, and breech. 2. Informal. composed of or frequented by both blacks and whites: a black and tan musical revue of the 1920s …   Universalium

  • black-and-tan — adjective Date: 1850 1. having a predominantly black color pattern with deep red or rusty tan usually on the feet, breeching, and cheek patches, above the eyes, and inside the ears 2. favoring or practicing proportional representation of whites… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • black and tan — noun An alcoholic beverage made from a dark and a light malt, typically Guinness or Beamish stout (black) and Bass or Harp ale (tan). In the United Kingdom, the liquids are mixed together. In the U.S., the heavier liquid fills the bottom of the… …   Wiktionary

  • black and tan — noun Date: 1870 1. a black and tan animal (as a dog) 2. chiefly British a drink consisting of a dark beer (as stout or porter) and ale or beer of a paler color 3. capitalized B&T [from the color of his uniform] a recruit enlisted in England in… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Black and Tan — Le Black and Tan est un cocktail à base de bières fait de moitié de bière ambrée ou pale ale et moitié de bière noire de style stout ou porter. Le duo de marques le plus usité est la Bass Pale Ale avec la Guinness Stout, mais il existe bien des… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Black and Tan — noun a) A member of the RIC British irregular army group, operating against Irish republicans in the War of Independence 1920/21. b) (Ireland) A drink combining stout and ale …   Wiktionary

  • Black and Tan Fantasy — ist eine Jazz Komposition von Duke Ellington und Bubber Miley[1]aus dem Jahr 1927. Am 7. April 1927 spielte das Duke Ellington Orchestra das Stück ein, das mehr als irgendein anderes der Band den ersten Ruhm einbrachte. Es erreichte im Mai 1928 # …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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