Trifolium alpinum
Licorice Lic"o*rice (l[i^]k"[-o]*r[i^]s), n. [OE. licoris, through old French, fr. L. liquiritia, corrupted fr. glycyrrhiza, Gr. glyky`rriza; glyky`s sweet + "ri`za root. Cf. {Glycerin}, {Glycyrrhiza}, {Wort}.] [Written also {liquorice}.] 1. (Bot.) A plant of the genus {Glycyrrhiza} ({Glycyrrhiza glabra}), the root of which abounds with a sweet juice, and is much used in demulcent compositions. [1913 Webster]

2. The inspissated juice of licorice root, used as a confection and for medicinal purposes. [1913 Webster]

{Licorice fern} (Bot.), a name of several kinds of polypody which have rootstocks of a sweetish flavor.

{Licorice sugar}. (Chem.) See {Glycyrrhizin}.

{Licorice weed} (Bot.), the tropical plant {Scapania dulcis}.

{Mountain licorice} (Bot.), a kind of clover ({Trifolium alpinum}), found in the Alps. It has large purplish flowers and a sweetish perennial rootstock.

{Wild licorice}. (Bot.) (a) The North American perennial herb {Glycyrrhiza lepidota}. (b) Certain broad-leaved cleavers ({Galium circ[ae]zans} and {Galium lanceolatum}). (c) The leguminous climber {Abrus precatorius}, whose scarlet and black seeds are called {black-eyed Susans}. Its roots are used as a substitute for those of true licorice ({Glycyrrhiza glabra}). [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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