To be on the carpet

To be on the carpet
Carpet Car"pet (k[aum]r"p[e^]t), n. [OF. carpite rug, soft of cloth, F. carpette coarse packing cloth, rug (cf. It. carpita rug, blanket), LL. carpeta, carpita, woolly cloths, fr. L. carpere to pluck, to card (wool); cf. Gr. karpo`s fruit, E. {Harvest}.] 1. A heavy woven or felted fabric, usually of wool, but also of cotton, hemp, straw, etc.; esp. a floor covering made in breadths to be sewed together and nailed to the floor, as distinguished from a rug or mat; originally, also, a wrought cover for tables. [1913 Webster]

Tables and beds covered with copes instead of carpets and coverlets. --T. Fuller. [1913 Webster]

2. A smooth soft covering resembling or suggesting a carpet. ``The grassy carpet of this plain.'' --Shak. [1913 Webster]

{Carpet beetle} or {Carpet bug} (Zo["o]l.), a small beetle ({Anthrenus scrophulari[ae]}), which, in the larval state, does great damage to carpets and other woolen goods; -- also called {buffalo bug}.

{Carpet knight}. (a) A knight who enjoys ease and security, or luxury, and has not known the hardships of the field; a hero of the drawing room; an effeminate person. --Shak. (b) One made a knight, for some other than military distinction or service.

{Carpet moth} (Zo["o]l.), the larva of an insect which feeds on carpets and other woolen goods. There are several kinds. Some are the larv[ae] of species of {Tinea} (as {Tinea tapetzella}); others of beetles, esp. {Anthrenus}.

{Carpet snake} (Zo["o]l.), an Australian snake. See {Diamond snake}, under {Diamond}.

{Carpet sweeper}, an apparatus or device for sweeping carpets.

{To be on the carpet}, to be under consideration; to be the subject of deliberation; to be in sight; -- an expression derived from the use of carpets as table cover.

{Brussels carpet}. See under {Brussels}. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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