Thermosystaltic Ther`mo*sys*tal"tic, a. [Thermo- + systaltic.] (Physiol.) Influenced in its contraction by heat or cold; -- said of a muscle. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • thermosystaltic — Relating to thermosystaltism. [thermo + G. systaltikos, contractile] * * * ther·mo·sys·tal·tic (thur″mo sis tawlґtik) [thermo + systaltic] contracting under the influence or stimulus of heat; pertaining to thermosystaltism …   Medical dictionary

  • thermosystaltism — Contraction, as of the muscles, under the influence of heat. [see thermosystaltic] * * * ther·mo·sys·tal·tism (thur″mo sisґtəl tiz əm) [thermo + Gr. systellein to contract] muscular contraction in response to temperature changes …   Medical dictionary

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