T T (t[=e]), the twentieth letter of the English alphabet, is a nonvocal consonant. With the letter h it forms the digraph th, which has two distinct sounds, as in thin, then. See Guide to Pronunciation, [sect][sect]262-264, and also [sect][sect]153, 156, 169, 172, 176, 178-180. [1913 Webster] The letter derives its name and form from the Latin, the form of the Latin letter being further derived through the Greek from the Ph[oe]nician. The ultimate origin is probably Egyptian. It is etymologically most nearly related to d, s, th; as in tug, duke; two, dual, L. duo; resin, L. resina, Gr. "rhti`nh, tent, tense, a., tenuous, thin; nostril, thrill. See {D}, {S}. [1913 Webster]

{T bandage} (Surg.), a bandage shaped like the letter T, and used principally for application to the groin, or perineum.

{T cart}, a kind of fashionable two seated wagon for pleasure driving.

{T iron}. (a) A rod with a short crosspiece at the end, -- used as a hook. (b) Iron in bars, having a cross section formed like the letter T, -- used in structures.

{T rail}, a kind of rail for railroad tracks, having no flange at the bottom so that a section resembles the letter T.

{T square}, a ruler having a crosspiece or head at one end, for the purpose of making parallel lines; -- so called from its shape. It is laid on a drawing board and guided by the crosspiece, which is pressed against the straight edge of the board. Sometimes the head is arranged to be set at different angles.

{To a T}, exactly, perfectly; as, to suit to a T. [Colloq.] [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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