Splanchnotomy Splanch*not"o*my, n. [Gr. ????? an entrail + ???? to cut.] The dissection, or anatomy, of the viscera. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • splanchnotomy — Dissection of the viscera by incision. [splanchno + G. tome, incision] * * * splanch·not·o·my (splank notґo me) viscerotomy …   Medical dictionary

  • σπλαγχνοτομία — η, Ν ιατρ. ανατομή τών σπλάχνων. [ΕΤΥΜΟΛ. Αντιδάνεια λ., πρβλ. αγγλ. splanchnotomy < σπλάγχνα + τομή] …   Dictionary of Greek

  • splanchnic —   a. visceral.    ♦ splanchnology, n. study of viscera.    ♦ splanchnopathy, n. disease of viscera.    ♦ splanchnotomy, n. incision into viscera …   Dictionary of difficult words

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