Offset Off"set`, n. [Off + set. Cf. {Set-off}.] In general, that which is set off, from, before, or against, something; as: [1913 Webster]

1. (Bot.) A short prostrate shoot, which takes root and produces a tuft of leaves, etc. See Illust. of {Houseleek}. [1913 Webster]

2. A sum, account, or value set off against another sum or account, as an equivalent; hence, anything which is given in exchange or retaliation; a set-off. [1913 Webster]

3. A spur from a range of hills or mountains. [1913 Webster]

4. (Arch.) A horizontal ledge on the face of a wall, formed by a diminution of its thickness, or by the weathering or upper surface of a part built out from it; -- called also {set-off}. [1913 Webster]

5. (Surv.) A short distance measured at right angles from a line actually run to some point in an irregular boundary, or to some object. [1913 Webster]

6. (Mech.) An abrupt bend in an object, as a rod, by which one part is turned aside out of line, but nearly parallel, with the rest; the part thus bent aside. [1913 Webster]

7. (Print.) A more or less distinct transfer of a printed page or picture to the opposite page, when the pages are pressed together before the ink is dry or when it is poor; an unitended transfer of an image from one page to another; called also {setoff}. [1913 Webster +PJC]

8. See {offset printing}. [PJC]

{Offset staff} (Surv.), a rod, usually ten links long, used in measuring offsets. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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