balls alls, interj. nonsense. [PJC]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • Balls — steht für Edward Balls (* 1967), britischer Politiker Big Balls, deutsche Band Harvey Balls, kreisförmige Ideogramme Balls (Fernsehsender), Sportkanal auf den Philippinen Siehe auch Ball Bals …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • balls — [ bɔlz ] noun IMPOLITE 1. ) uncount confidence and the ability to deal with dangerous or difficult situations: NERVE: It takes balls to quit your job like that. 2. ) plural TESTICLES 3. ) uncount nonsense have someone by the balls to have… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • balls — testicles, early 14c., from plural of BALL (Cf. ball) (n.1). See also ballocks. Meaning courage, nerve is from 1928. Balls to the wall, however, probably is from WWII Air Forces slang, from the ball that topped the aircraft throttle, thrust to… …   Etymology dictionary

  • balls — vulgar slang ► PLURAL NOUN 1) testicles. 2) courage; nerve. 3) (treated as sing. ) Brit. nonsense. ► VERB (balls up) ▪ bungle …   English terms dictionary

  • balls — [bôlz] interj. Slang nonsense * * * …   Universalium

  • balls — [bôlz] interj. Slang nonsense …   English World dictionary

  • balls — [[t]bɔ͟ːlz[/t]] ballses, ballsing, ballsed 1) N UNCOUNT: oft the N to inf (approval) If you say that someone has balls, you mean that they have courage. [INFORMAL, RUDE] To work on this show you ve got to have balls... I never had the balls to do …   English dictionary

  • balls — n pl 1. the testicles. A predictable use of the word, balls was first used as a euphe mism in Renaissance England, later becoming a standard, if coarse synonym. 2. rubbish, nonsense. This use of the word, except perhaps as an exclamation, is… …   Contemporary slang

  • balls — /bɔlz / (say bawlz) Colloquial –noun 1. courage; boldness; forcefulness: you have to have balls to win through. 2. rubbish; nonsense: what a lot of balls. –interjection 3. (an exclamation of repudiation, ridicule, etc.) –phrase 4. balls something …   Australian English dictionary

  • balls — balls1 [bo:lz US bo:lz] interjection BrE not polite used to show strong disapproval or disappointment ▪ Balls to that! →balls at ↑ball1 (10) balls 2 balls2 v balls up [balls sth<=>up] phr v to do something very badly or unsuccessfully =… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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