Platycephalic Plat`y*ce*phal"ic, Platycephalous Plat`y*ceph"a*lous, a. [Platy + Gr. ? head.] (Anat.) Broad-headed. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • platycephalic — /plat ee seuh fal ik/, adj. Cephalom. having a head whose cranial vault is broad or flat. Also, platycephalous /plat i sef euh leuhs/. [1860 65; PLATY + CEPHALIC] * * * …   Universalium

  • platycephalic — adj. having a flattened skull …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • Platycephalous — Platycephalic Plat y*ce*phal ic, Platycephalous Plat y*ceph a*lous, a. [Platy + Gr. ? head.] (Anat.) Broad headed. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • platycephalous — adjective see platycephalic * * * platycephalous /plat i sefˈə ləs/ adjective Having the vault of the skull flattened (also platycephalic / si falˈik/) ORIGIN: ↑platy and ↑ cephalous …   Useful english dictionary

  • platycephaly — Flatness of the skull, a condition in which the vertical cranial index is below 70. SYN: platycrania. [platy + G. kephale, head] * * * platy·ceph·a·ly (plat″ĭ sefґə le) [platy + cephaly] the state of being wide headed, or having a …   Medical dictionary

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  • platycephaly —   n. flatness of crown of head.    ♦ platycephalic,    ♦ platycephalous, a.    ♦ platydactyl, a. having flat digits.    ♦ platypodous, a. having broad, flat feet.    ♦ platypodia, n. flat footedness.    ♦ platypus, n. duckbill.    ♦ platyrrhinian …   Dictionary of difficult words

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