on the rag
on the rag on` the rag", pred. a. Menstruating; -- of women. [vulgar slang] [PJC]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • on the rag — (N American and Aust slang) Menstruating • • • Main Entry: ↑rag …   Useful english dictionary

  • on\ the\ rag — 1. (on the rag) (792↑, 88↓) (adjective) When a woman is on the rag , that means she has her period. She s also likely in a bad mood because of the various discomforts associated with pads, leaks, tampons, washing out underwear, not being able to… …   Urban English dictionary

  • on the rag — 1. mod. menstruating. (Usually objectionable.) □ Kim’s on the rag and in a bad mood. □ Sue doesn’t go swimming when she’s on the rag. 2. mod. ill tempered. (Usually objectionable.) □ Bill is on the rag and making trouble for everyone …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • on the rag — pp Having one s menstrual period. I m not in the mood; I am on my rag. 1950s …   Historical dictionary of American slang

  • on the rag — adj British menstruating. Rag was, until the 1970s, a common slang synonym for a sanitary towel …   Contemporary slang

  • on the rag — adjective a) Menstruating. b) In a bad mood …   Wiktionary

  • on the rag — Phrs. Menstruating …   English slang and colloquialisms

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  • be on the rag — v. be menstruating; be having one s period. She s on the rag, so sex was out of th question …   English slang

  • be on the rag — informal be menstruating Origin: from rag in the sense ‘sanitary napkin’ …   Useful english dictionary

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