Caprimulgidae Caprimulgidae n. [L. capris goat + mulgere to milk.] a widely distributed natural family of nocturnally active birds including the {whip-poor-will} ({Caprimulgus vociferus}), the {chuck-will's-widow} ({Caprimulgus carolinensis}), and the {common nighthawk} ({Chordeiles minor}); -- called popularly the {goatsuckers} or {nightjars}. The nighthawks are sometimes active during the day.

Syn: goatsuckers, nightjars, family {Caprimulgidae}. [PJC]

The family . . . is alternately known as the nightjars (derived from the "churring" sounds of several species -- "jarring" the night air), or goatsuckers, a nonsense name that should be discontinued as it has its origin in the preposterous myth that the birds sucked the milk of nanny goats until they were dry. --Terence Michael Short (Wild Birds of the Americas)

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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