Metroxylon Sagu
Sago Sa"go (s[=a]"g[-o]), n. [Malay. s[=a]gu.] A dry granulated starch imported from the East Indies, much used for making puddings and as an article of diet for the sick; also, as starch, for stiffening textile fabrics. It is prepared from the stems of several East Indian and Malayan palm trees, but chiefly from the {Metroxylon Sagu}; also from several cycadaceous plants ({Cycas revoluta}, {Zamia integrifolia}, etc.). [1913 Webster]

{Portland sago}, a kind of sago prepared from the corms of the cuckoopint ({Arum maculatum}).

{Sago palm}. (Bot.) (a) A palm tree which yields sago. (b) A species of Cycas ({Cycas revoluta}).

{Sago spleen} (Med.), a morbid condition of the spleen, produced by amyloid degeneration of the organ, in which a cross section shows scattered gray translucent bodies looking like grains of sago. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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