Levirate Lev"i*rate (l[e^]v"[i^]*r[asl]t), Leviratical Lev`i*rat"ic*al (-r[a^]t"[i^]*kal), a. [L. levir a husband's brother, brother-in-law; akin to Gr. dah`r: cf. F. l['e]virat leviration.] Of, pertaining to, or in accordance with, a law of the ancient Israelites and other tribes and races, according to which a woman, whose husband died without issue, was married to the husband's brother. [1913 Webster]

The firstborn son of a leviratical marriage was reckoned and registered as the son of the deceased brother. --Alford. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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